Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are many resale, consignment, and thrift stores in a 30 mile radius. What makes Professionals Only unique?

A: That's a fair question. Professionals Only is for high school/college students, families starting anew, working professionals, all not wanting to spend a lot of money at the mall and not spend a lot of time at general thrift stores. Every single item is cleaned, steamed, pressed, all for those who want to dress to impress! It's a boutique for a fraction of the price. Every time there is a sale, you are supporting the local community who took care of their clothes and your bank account. 

Furthermore I am huge advocate for education and professional development. With that, students always get an extra 10% of their purchases. Sale or no sale. We also host professional workshops with life and business coaches. You're getting nothing but benefits!

Q: I want to sell my clothes. How does it work?

A: Thanks for your interest in selling! It is by appointment only.  It's recommended to live in the Finger Lakes region or close to Macedon, New York so you won't travel as far. If you live near the area and you have special circumstances that is preventing you from traveling, please contact me below. Book an appointment here.

Q: Are you a consignment shop or resale shop?

A: I am both and that's what makes this shop unique. At the end of the day this store is supporting the local community of Wayne County and families who want brand name business clothing but don't want to spend a lot at the mall or spend a lot time of general consignment stores to find a good deal.

Q: Do you buy by season?

A: Yes. 


Q: What is the difference between selling my clothes outright and consignment?

A: Selling your clothes outright means you will be compensated right on the spot from a buyer. That means it is out of sight out of mind. All resale shops follow this model. On the contrary, consigning your clothes means a store will hold your items under a certain period of time and you will be compensated depending on the store's commission percentage, when your item sells. It's a waiting game because all consignment shops have different lengths of time and percentage of the commission.

Q: What are the pros and cons of selling my clothes outright?

A: There are many pros to this option. You get rid of your clothes quickly and you get funds instantly at the time of our appointment. The con is that you will not get 100% of the retail price you originally paid for, even it is new with tags. The reason why is that our usual customers are students and families who are getting their first job, starting anew, or others who love getting good deals. The good news is that you will get whole dollars. You will never receive change for every item. For more information click HERE.

Q: What are the pros and cons of consigning my clothes?

A: There are many pros to this option too. If you have high-dollar luxury brand name clothes or an exhausted Poshmark or eBay seller, consignment is a good fit. We take care of your items, tag them, hang them, feature them on Instagram and Facebook, and only charge 50% commission for every sale. Other than that, the only con is time. I hold your items for 90 days. Sometimes owners get frustrated because they don't understand why their clothes aren't selling. Just make sure you understand the community and try to be competitive as possible. For more information click HERE.

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